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XsportMarketing.com has been providing quality services since our founding in 2000. It is our mission to provide high quality results at a low cost to small and startup companies. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to understand not only the client, but the industry and the medium... XsportMarketing.com's professionals have been in the motorsports industry for 55 years cumulative.

Company [Owners/Founders/Management]

  • Mike DiSabatino, CPA, has served as XsportMarketing.com founder since 2000. Besides the financial background, Mike has been personally involved in the motorsports industry from a retail business to a top internet publication.
  • Cory Soper, MCSE, served as XsportMarketing.com Director of Sales & Marketing since 2002 and was recently promoted to CEO in 2007. Corys contacts in the motorsports field has brought new energy to the company.
  • Don Johnson is XsportMarketing.com unique Creative Director since 2000. Don is an undergraduate of USC and Master degree graduate of Pepperdine University, which only compliment his 2 times world funny car championships. Don not only knows his stuff, he has literally been in the driver seat of performance business.
  • Michael Rousseau has dazzled clients with his web graphic specialties and web designs for years.
  • Cheryl Soper is the Office Manager. It is Cheryls masterful organization and leadership that allows us to manage our clients needs.
  • Tom Jackson provides creative and aerial photography. Toms world traveling experiences and his strong negotiation abilities provide another facet to our team.